Pilot plants & Training plants

Training solutions for the process & energy sector

GUNT has been known for decades as the leading manufacturer of educational systems, famous in engineering departments of universities and colleges.

Another field of GUNT’s activities are Industrial Training Plants to cater for the specific training needs of the industry.

GUNT training systems for industry are absolutely authentic:

  • handling real-world industrial equipment components

  • detailed familiarisation with plants and processes

  • familiarisation with and application of industrial automation technology

  • operating plants

  • understanding and executing maintenance and servicing procedures

  • aspects of plant and occupational safety

  • complete course concepts with diverse problems can be constructed and the training plant can be the center of training for several weeks

Mechanical Maintenance Training Skid


Main Process Training Rig


Industrial Unit for Inspection


Integrated Pilot Plant


Phase Separation Trainer


Process Pump Trainer


Wellhead and Xmas-Tree Operation Trainer


Wellhead and Xmas-Tree Maintenance Trainer


Steam power plant 20kW with process control system

ET 805